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Sell your page

With Klikez, it takes just within
a few minute to design beautiful landing pages
and minisite that make your company easy to
generate leads and sales.
All the template we created are responsive mode to mobile version, tablet version and desktop version.

Professional Template

Beautiful Elementor page templates are created to give you a head start in your next WordPress website project built with Elementor.

Popup Template

We give extra enhance to your website with popup that easy to your customer get info from your business

Reach and retain customers with campaigns

Set up email campaigns that pull in your site’s styles and products so your communications feel effortlessly on-brand

Unlimited licence

No limitations! Use the KLIKEZ Templates on any number of private or client projects.

Great Time Saver

We are also creating new tutorials for specific topics. Simple, step-by-step guides to support you on your design journey.

Grow Your Business Online

Whether you’re just getting started or are an established brand, our templates helps your business grow.

Create And Sell Your Page

Setup Your Website

Start with a custom domain and get your business online now. Bring your minisite & landing pages to capture customer data convert to money.

Design With Your Creativity

You can design a custom minisite & landing page to showcase products or promote a special offer with your creativity without coding needed.

Add Your Copywriting and Product

Practising a right copywriting “Tarik Pelanggan” to your sale page.

Your Site Ready To Sell

Creating product pages and ready to launch. While showcase your benefits and value to customer.